What is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia ?

What is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia ?

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The best time to travel to Vietnam depends on the weather

About the rainy season in Vietnam

The rainy season of North and South Vietnam is around May to October every year while the rainy season of the central region is from September to December.

About temperature in Vietnam

From Da Nang to the South of Vietnam
The weather is warm and sunny all year round, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 36 degrees Celsius

Provinces from Hue to the North
From February to April, the spring temperature is 15-25 degrees, it is cool, there is little rain
From May to July, the summer temperature is from 25 to 36 degrees Celsius
From August to October in autumn, the temperature is about 18-25 degrees. Cool weather, little rain
November to January is winter. Temperatures from 10 to 20 degrees

* Cambodia weather is similar to Southern Vietnam weather

What is the best month to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

With the above weather characteristics, the best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia is from September to March next year because;

- The South is the dry season, with little rain, it is sunny and warm
- The North in autumn, winter and spring. The weather is not cool or hot with little rain

In particular, the period from September to March is the most beautiful season of the mountains of the Northeast and Northwest such as: Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Son La, Dien Bien, Sapa...

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