Danang attractive see sights

Danang attractive see sights

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Danang attractive see sights Danang is a large and deep seaport in Central Vietnam. It is interesting for tourists to visit the Marble Mountains, white sandy beaches of My Khe and Non Nuoc, the Museum of Champa and the mountain-top summer resort of Ba Na.

Cham Museum:
The museum was built in 1915 in the Cham architectural style. It houses the most extensive collection of Cham artifacts, including around 300 statutes and other artworks collected from the Cham temples throughout the Central Vietnam. There is also an exhibition of the Cham culture, people and history dating back to the 7th century.

Hai Van Pass:
"Pass of the Ocean Clouds" is the meaning of Hai Van Pass, so named for its peak is shrouded in the clouds and its foot is close to the sea. The Hai Van Pass is situated on the serpent road from Hue to Danang. On the top of the Hai Van Pass, one can admire the remarkably spectacular views of misty mountains and lovely beach.

Marble Mountain:
The Marble Mountain is consisted of five limestone outcrops standing in isolation from the plains. Situated 8 kilometers south of town, the Mountain offers the alluring natural beauty together with the mysterious caves, some of which were the Buddhist shrines and others were the base for the Vietnamese revolutionaries during the wartime. Around the area, there is a village famous for its traditional stone engraving activities; stone from the Marble Mountain is made into statues, jewelry, and other artifacts and exported to many countries.

Non Nuoc Beach:
This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. It is a five-kilometer-stretch of clean sand, running against the Marble Mountain. The beach used to be resort for the American soldiers who came for relaxation during the wartime; it is famous for surfing as well.
  • Hai Van pass - Pass of the Ocean Clouds between Hue and Da Nang Hai Van pass - Pass of the Ocean Clouds between Hue and Da Nang

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