Dalat attractive see sights

Dalat attractive see sights

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DALAT The mountain resort of Dalat lies 300 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City on a plateau of 1500 m above sea level and enjoys mild climate throughout the year. Founded in 1897 by Doctor Alexandre Yersin, Da Lat has the appearance of an old French city. With its green, rolling hills, misty lakes and fragrant pine forests, varieties of flowers and fruits and art galleries, Dalat is Vietnam’s most romantic destination. Popular attractions in Dalat ncluding:

Xuanhuong Lake:
Located at the center of Da Lat, Xuan Huong was created when the Cam Ly River was dammed by the French in 1919. It used to be part of golf course built for Emperor Bao Dai. The Lake is surrounded by the pine forest and lush mountains, offering the stunning scenery. At the north end of the lake is Da Lat Flower Garden. Inside the garden, paths lead you past a great flower selection of hydrangeas, roses, orchids, poinsettia, and topiary, offering the colorful sights as well as invigorating atmosphere. Da Lat is famous for its flowers and many are exported overseas.

Dalat Market:
Coming to the central market of the city, you will be bewildered with a riot of multi-colored flowers as well as various kinds of fresh vegetable and mouthwatering fruits. Also, lacquer ware, back packs, and hill-tribe handicrafts are sold here. In the morning, you can see the Montagnards carrying their goods and trading with stall holders.

Prenn Falls:
Nestling in the valley covered with densely lush vegetation and hugged by pine-forested hills, the Prenn Falls is a major tourist attraction in Vietnam. Go south of Da Lat, the Prenn Falls with its pure white waters tumbling down 10 meters from the cave into the pool below. From afar, its white water looks like a white curtain, painted with a flower garden and green draped hills at the foot of the falls, creating the awe-inspiring sight. You can enter the cave behind the curtain of water by a small bridge and fell the balmy spray there.

Valley of Love:
Originally named Valley of Peace by Emperor Bao Dai, and changed into Valley of Love by romantically minded students from Da Lat University. The Valley used to be a favorite site for big-game hunting of the Emperor. Situated about 5 kilometers from the city center, the Valley of Love is embraced by the hilly slopes covered with pine forest. Its romantic scenery and atmosphere was enhanced when the Da Thien Lake was created in 1972. Visitors can hire a boat to appreciate the lake or riding horse rented by cowboy-dressed guide along paths around the area.

Lake of Sighs:
Five kilometers northeast of the city, the Lake offers the pleasant scenery and relaxing atmosphere. The melancholy name of the lake originated in a love story of Hang Tung and Mai Nuong. Hang Tung was summoned to the Quang Trung war against the Chinese invasion. Mai Nuong thought that without her, her sweetheart would go serving the nation without worries, so she drowned herself in the lake. Witnessed this tragedy, the pine trees lining around the lake bake are said to have sighed in grief for her, hence its name. Today, the lake is teemed with tourist shops ad boat rentals for riding in the lake.

  • Dalat city of thousands of flowers Dalat city of thousands of flowers

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